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NYSCMA Circulation Manager Training

On Friday, May 19, Michael Zinser presented a daylong training session, sponsored by NYSCMA, to more than 40 Circulation Executives from newspapers across the State of New York. The meeting, located at the Albany Times Union’s Hearst Media Center, began with an entertaining mock trial for an independent contractor whose contract was terminated when he tried to unionize the other newspaper carriers.

The sessions following the mock trial focused on several important independent contractor topics, including:

- A Working Definition of Independent Contractor Status;

- The Contracting Process;

- The National Labor Relations Board and Independent Contractor Status;

- The History of the 2016 Legislative Victory in New York; and

- Responding to Unemployment Claims After November 2016.

For the session on the 2016 legislative victory, Michael was joined by Diane Kennedy, President of the New York News Publishers’ Association, to discuss the new law that now provides significant protection to newspapers using independent contractor newspaper carriers.

This informative meeting was a great success! For more information about the subjects discussed above, please visit To learn about Michael’s upcoming speaking engagements, please visit

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