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An icon of truth and justice, but when it comes down to business, it is aggressive and relentless.



Learn more about our upcoming webinars, seminars, and speaking engagements.


Learn more about our experience fighting to protect the independent contractor status of newspaper carriers and freelance writers and photographers. and


Learn more about our experience helping Management with issues involving labor unions.

This is an advertisement. Certification as a labor and employment law specialist is not currently available in Tennessee.

The Zinser Law Firm, P.C. limits its practice to the representation of Management.

The Zinser Law Firm, P.C. does not retain clients on the strength of advertising materials alone, but only after following our own engagement procedures (e.g. interviews, conflict checks, retainer agreements). Information contained on this site is intended to educate members of the public generally and is not intended to provide solutions to individual problems on the basis of information contained herein. Members of the public are strongly advised to seek competent legal counsel before relying on information contained or learned herein. This site is maintained by The Zinser Law Firm, P.C.

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